2017-School Calendar

Academic & Events Calendar 2017
Term 1                                                                   Tuesday 3 January ~ Friday 10 March
Holiday Activities                                                Monday 13 March ~ Friday 17 March
Term 2                                                                   Monday 20 March ~ Friday 26 May
Holiday Activities                                                Monday 29 May ~ Friday 23 June
Term 3                                                                   Monday 26 June ~ Friday 1 September
Holiday Activities                                                Monday 4 September ~ Friday 8 September
Term 4                                                                   Monday 11 September ~ Friday 17 November
Holiday Activities                                               Monday 20 November ~ Friday 29 December
Public Holidays & Closure Days
New Year’s Day                                                    Sunday 1st January (closure on 2nd January, Monday)
*Eve of Chinese New Year       Friday 27th January (half-day closure at 2 pm)                     
Chinese New Year -PH       Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th January

(Public Holiday 30th January, Monday)                    

Preschool Closure Day            Monday, 13th February (Team Building)
Preschool Closure Day            Friday 17th March (Professional Development)
Good Friday – PH     Friday 14th April
Labour Day – PH   Monday 1st May
Vesak Day – PH               Wednesday 10th May
Hari Raya Puasa  Sunday 25th June (closure on 26th June, Monday)
National Day – PH     Wednesday 9th August
Preschool Closure Day     Friday 28th July (Professional Development)       
Preschool Closure Day            Thursday 31st August (Teachers’ Day)           
Hari Raya Haji – PH   Friday 1st September
Preschool Closure Day   Friday 6th October (Professional Development)
*Eve of Deepavali             Tuesday, 17th October
Deepavali – PH      Wednesday 18th October
Preschool Closure Day                     Friday, 8th December (half day pm, closure at 2pm for cleaning)
*Eve of Christmas          
Christmas Day  – PH                    Monday 25th December

 ** http://app.msf.gov.sg/portals/0/Summary/publication/ParentGuide_english.pdf

School Events & Celebrations for 2017
Events marked with (*) involves parents’ participation

*Chinese New Year Celebration  Friday 27th January
*Curriculum Evening  Monday, 27th March
Book Week  13th-17th March
*Tea Time with Mummy  Friday, 12th May
*Parent- Teacher Meeting  Monday 22nd May to Friday 26th May
*Games with Daddy    Friday, 16th June
Hari Raya Celebration    Friday, 23rd June
*Racial Harmony Day  Friday, 21st July
National Day  Tuesday, 8th August
Mid – Autumn Celebration  Thursday, 15th September
Children’s Day Assembly  Thursday, 5th October 
Deepavali Celebration  Tuesday, 17th October
*Year End Carnival  Friday, 3rd November 
*Parent- Teacher Meeting  Monday 13th Nov to Friday 17th Nov 
Christmas Celebration  Friday, 22nd December

Dates are tentative and subject to change

Updated 09/03/2017